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A brief Information about House For Rent

Accommodation is the prior most need of any person, and the person who is living far from their native land needs to live in a home for rent. It is the reason why people looking at a House For Rent is a large number. Also, in metropolitan cities and posh areas, the availability of property is not always possible. In this case, people emphasize more to live in the home for rent. In today's internet savvy world when everything is available online, therefore searching the property for rent has become very easy through different sources available online.  This description will let you know a few pieces of information that is beneficial for the landlord, and the one who is seeking for rental property.

As a landlord what are your legal Rights

A landlord is the owner of the property that is put out for rent. As an owner of rental property, you strictly adhere to the laws laid down by the rent control act of their respective states. There are a few sets of legal rights for the owner of the landlord ensuring he is in reference to the possession of his property.

1- Freedom to select a suitable tenant to occupy their property.

2- The right to self check and verify the background of a tenant based on their employment, place of the original residence, and previous tenancy.

3- The owner has also the right to collect some amount as a security deposit to safeguard him for future losses. This money can be deducted in case there is any damage to the property.

4- The property owner has the right to set the rent amount based on industry standards, and set the payment schedules on a monthly basis according to the terms and conditions.

5- The owner holds the right to evict the tenant, in case he/she found violating the norms mentioned in the rent agreement.

6- An owner has the freedom to charge 10% of the rent as a maintenance charge to keep his property up to date.

7- Imposing additional charges of electricity, water, etc., that is levied by local agencies.

8-Landlord also holds the right to increase the rent amount up to 10% on an annual basis, in case any decides to live in his/her house for more than a year.

9- An owner of the home has legal rights to inspect their property for updates on maintenance issues.

Know a few things before moving into a rental apartment

In the previous description, we discussed the legal rights of a landlord. In this section, we are discussing a few important things you need to know for a tenant before moving into a rental property.

Location, Price, Lease Agreement

For any tenant looking for Home For rent,  the knowledge of the location is very important.  The major points to keep in mind here are facilities and conveniences like proximity to workplace, medical facilities, safety, and shortest routes.

The second important factor that comes in mind is the budget. To get Home for Rent at best deals, it is necessary for you to have market knowledge of rent prices. This will let you make good decisions while selecting a rental property.

The best factor to decide the affordability of rental property is that the rental amount should fall within 30% of total income

The third segment to discuss is the Lease Agreement. Once you're up to sign the agreement, make a list of needed amenities like parking, internet connectivity, safety, etc.  Also, read the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement, and make sure they all meet your queries. Major points to keep in consideration are-

  • The validity period of lease agreement
  • The due date of monthly rent
  • Penalties and expenses on maintenance
  • Utility bill and others

Property Visit

At your first visit check the condition of each and every room of the apartment and note down the issue and required repair works from the owner's side. You can also take photographs of the room as a proof element. If you don't want to avoid the risk of losing money, you need to immediately inform your owner when vacating the flat.

Changing the Locks

There is much possibility that the previous tenant of the flat has a spare key of your apartment. To avoid unavoidable thefts, of harms to your apartments, you need to change the locks. Before changing the locks, one thing you can check is the date when previous tenants have moved out of the residence.

Frequently asked questions

Question 1:  What is a rental house?

Answer: A property from which the owner receives payments from tenants, in return of using the property. Rental properties may be either residential or commercial.

Question 2: What is the best place to rent a house online?


Owing to the increasing demand for rental property, there are lots of options available online where you can search for a house for rent. Craiglist, oodle, Zillow, hot pads,, a few listing websites where you can rent a house online.

Question 3: Who pays utilities when you rent a house?

Answer: Most often the tenant is liable to pay their own utilities.

This description will be helpful both in the landlord's and the tenants' points of view.  If you're looking for a House For Rent, then you can take better decisions covering legal, financial and security aspects. And if you're a landowner you know your legal rights and all related aspects regarding home rent.